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Reiner Schneeberger
About me

I am Reiner, born in 1957 in Munich, Germany. Since 1975 I am doing "programmed-art". Very early I got in contact with Prof. Herbert W. Franke,who invited me to teach "how to make computer art" to his students. So I am now in "artinformatics" (in german: Kunstinformatik) for more then 35 years.

The pictures I have selected in the gallery of IPAC are ment to give an idea of the changes in technology and therefore the way digital art moved on in the years ... BUT and thats my message: it is now very easy to participate in this intrigering field by using a virtual environment and ... I run such projects for art and education. Everyone can be a digital artist and build up a message out of it. Its fun and it has a relevance in many ways as art is one of the innovators for human mankind and for the technology we use in the future. One of the keywords is 'the metaverse', former name 'the cyberspace'.

As I love Paros I will offer a seminar for people who want to learn and explore this world ... just send me an e-mail.

All pictures seen in the gallery of IPAC are under copyright of the artists named. My virtual artist name is Minimal Blue. All virtual identities in the pictures are represented by the "I in 3D" project or by projects connected to "I in 3D".